Black and white Madness! - Lamborghini Murcielago

Black and white Madness! – Lamborghini Murcielago

Concept – it’s always a little bit dry. In this you have seen, read the previous chapter. As for the components of a healthy lifestyle, here again you need to get back to yourself and remember that you are studying the subject in order to be in harmony with the environment, with each other and teach their students.
The main factors, which lead to a healthy lifestyle a particular person:
1. capacity for reflection;
2. the status of various types of space;
3. sound (is made up) food;
4. acceptable conditions of work and leisure.
Reflection – a reflection, introspection, self-knowledge, form the theoretical work aimed at understanding their actions.
Why is the capacity for reflection is directly linked with the concept of “healthy lifestyle”? Because good habits and better hygiene practices are fixed when they are aware. As for bad habits, then as we shall soon see, the basis for the acquisition and disposal of them half the time from the will. Will – this is a person’s ability for self-determination and self-management activities and mental processes.
Where does the majority of bad habits? Through understanding of the two concepts of “want” and “will.” All people know that smoking is harmful to get used to. Teens who sometimes drawn into smoking for life, also knows it. But they say to themselves, “I want and I will.” Moreover, they can always explain why they have done so:
“I want to be like everyone else,” “I’m not small,” “I want and throw” and many others, with their teenage point of view, strong arguments can they lead. Retraction of habit takes time, except, perhaps, drug addiction, as some drugs need only try once.