Never leave a child unattended complaint to chill. Violation of heat in children can be a symptom of the disease, including infection, fatigue, hunger and psychological discomfort.
The life of any human being begins with three stressful situations. First – basal anxiety before passing through the birth canal of the mother. It is associated with severe stress, and unconscious memory of it remains for life. The memory of the basal anxiety largely determines the behavior of the individual. Second stress – it is a meeting with the atmosphere, with its chemical composition. The fetus in the womb was used to dissolved oxygen in the blood. The first independent breath of air is unconscious ecstasy intoxication. The third stressor – the reaction temperature and baroreceptor skin. Receptors – peripheral parts of the senses. They perceive signals. Child during intrauterine used to feel the fence. Fluid and the uterine wall, gave him confidence and provide thermal comfort. Once out of his mother, he felt cold and frightening void of air. That’s why the baby quickly wiped and wrapped, not just harboring warm diaper. Newborn feels familiar pressure and calms down, warmed.
The need for stroking, in tactile contact, putting pressure on our skin receptors, prompted by an unconscious memory of the quietest period of life – in utero.
Thus, it must be remembered that the temperature, humidity and air movement in the space pododezhnom provide us not only thermal comfort, but also create a psychological comfort. Purity of the air, no unpleasant odor of decomposed sweat indicate a general culture. Conversely, if a person of bad smells – so, the cultural level is low.