As for healthy habits and hygiene practices, they instill it takes time and will. Everyone knows that in the morning to take a cool shower is useful – it contributes to hardening, gives energy, eliminates unpleasant body odor. But at first to get used to this hygienic procedure one feels uncomfortable and had to force your body to tolerate. If Reflection is built correctly and ends meaningful motivation, the goal is achieved faster, more efficiently and with fewer psychological costs. For example, a girl, to accustom yourself to the cool head, said: “I do not want to, but I will because a cold shower improves circulation in the blood vessels that feed the skin, it is beautiful. And I want to be beautiful. ”
Now you see what a healthy lifestyle – is active. Healthy living requires individuals willpower and understanding behavior, predict the consequences for yourself or for other people, including the possible offspring. This is particularly important when you consider that the health of the current generation of concrete depends on the health and happiness of the next.
Space – is a form of existence of material objects and processes. Space – a philosophical category, but we will not delve into the philosophy and focus on material substrates, based on spaces that are directly related to a healthy way of life.
The first space, which affects the health – climate zone. The climate is characterized by temperature, humidity, air velocity, solar radiation and seasonal variations of these parameters. In a healthy person, there is an important life-the ability to adapt to new climatic conditions. Adapt – so get used to. Adjustment period is called acclimatization and can last from several hours to several days.