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Formulation of personal motivation may be, “I’m not doing an act, because they threaten my health and life.”
2. Under h opinions ethnocultural requirements. The man lives in a society that has long been took away good habits, skills, produce a system of protection against adverse environmental factors. For example, residents of the Far North eat raw frozen fish. On the one hand, this fish can cause parasitic infestations, infection with intestinal parasites, but, on the other hand, the raw frozen fish in the harsh northern climate provides the full, balanced diet. Child taught from childhood to the product, its use is becoming as natural, how natural drinking water. Another example. From early childhood, people are taught to perform their physiological needs in particular, closed the eyes of the field. This is dictated by sanitary, ethical and aesthetic requirements. Disobeying them – aggression against society.
Formulation of motivation: “I submit to the requirements of ethnocultural because I want to be an equal member of the society in which I live. From my healthy life depends on the health and well-being of others. ”
3.Poluchenie pleasure of self-improvement. This is a simple hedonistic motivation reads: “The feeling of health brings me joy, so I do my best to experience this feeling.”
Most children love to wash because the changes in blood circulation causes a person feel good. If the water is too cold or too active adults rubbed baby skin, the child perceives as a punishment washing and tries to avoid it.
4. Opportunity for self-improvement. Wording: “If I’m healthy, I’ll be able to rise to a higher level of the social ladder.”
5. The ability to maneuver. Formulation:
“If I’m healthy, I can, at its discretion, to change its role in the community and its location.”
A healthy person can change the profession, moving from one climatic zone to another.
6. Sexual implementation. Formulation:
“Health is giving me the opportunity for sexual harmony.” Given that you, dear colleague, no more than thirty-five years, I think this item needs no further explanation.
7. Achieving the highest possible comfort. Wording: “I’m healthy, I’m not worried about the physical and psychological discomfort.”
Cases where the seven motivations are equally important for the person, are extremely rare. Moreover, a man for whom all of the time significant motives promote and maintain health, gives reason to think: is not he too busy healthy lifestyles and become whether this concerns the innate?