Dear young colleague!
Let me introduce myself: I – the author.
The subject, which we will explore with you, is at the junction of two sciences – medicine and education, and is called “Basics of a healthy lifestyle and first aid.”
Medicine – is the science and practice, which aims to preserve and promote health, to prevent and treat disease.
Pedagogy – the science of educating a person, it reveals its nature, aims, objectives and patterns.
A healthy person is less than meets the obstacles on the road to happiness. However, in order not to stumble on the way, a person must be trained.
And healthy life – is a brief guide on the way to your personal happiness.
The first book on healthy living written ancient Chinese sage Lao Zi, and it was called the “Tao Te Ching” – “right way.” It was about five and a half thousand years ago. It is impossible to enumerate the number of books published on the subject of the subsequent history of human thought, but all the writers always wanted one:
their readers to be healthy and happy.
To the best of my modest abilities, focusing on the example of the great, and I tried to collect for you a bundle of useful knowledge and skills.
Very ask you, young fellow, learn well.
What if it helps you to be happy.
And you, I’m sure, I wish you happiness my future kids, wonderful little people wearing generic name CHILDREN. For some reason they are sometimes referred to as our future. This is a mistake. Children – this is our present. The future they have their own, and our task – to give them the bare minimum of information about what is right and what is wrong with our present point of view. And so they, when they grow up themselves will understand that, in their world of tomorrow will be suitable for use, and that – no.
The world has entered an era of high speeds, and the value system is changing very fast. Diamonds have dropped in price in the world market, but there has increased dramatically price information. Only one figure remained stable at the highest point of the global system of values ​​- Happiness healthy person.
Very ask you, dear colleague, teach well!
I want you to be happy your students.
You might be a little surprised as unconventional start tutorial. If so, my first goal is achieved – you can not remain indifferent. If the mention of happiness caused, you pleasant emotions, it means that reached the second author’s purpose – to lay the basis for a didactic textbook hedonistic principle.