'Dazzling' Golden Lamborghini Gallardo

‘Dazzling’ Golden Lamborghini Gallardo


However, during the life of a person passes through different motivation. As a child, this submission ethnocultural needs and enjoyment in adolescence – an opportunity for self-improvement and the ability to maneuver. Teens can explain that in the future they will develop emphysema (extension) of the lungs, if they do not quit now.


But it is doubtful whether they can keep the bad habits, the future for the teenager – is tomorrow, Sunday, the end of a quarter, at best. It will not do for them and link to the ethnic and cultural traditions. This is the motivation for them is not significant, in fact, violating her teen feels the pleasure of self-affirmation. But the idea of ​​sexual realization is beginning to take shape in the fevered imagination, and if the teenager does not admit out loud, it will think that you quietly, without sanctimonious smirks say:
“Girl, do not sit on the cold stones, chill appendages, there will be difficulties with childbirth.”


For people young, strange, sometimes loses significance first motivation: self-preservation. Health and strength are sometimes denied proper care, reduce the sense of responsibility for your own body. That is what causes the sexually transmitted disease after casual intimate contact, the reason being drawn into drug addiction, alcoholism, leading to alcoholism. Young people aged 18-25 years, it seems that the resources of their personal health is not limited. Unfortunately, this is a mistake. Try to protect yourself from it.

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