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Sexy Green Lamborghini! – Amazing

We begin with two concepts: the “category” and “stress.”
As we agreed, the task of this tutorial you will not only instill a certain amount of knowledge and skills, but also help in the future to bring this knowledge to your students. That is why the author does not try to leave without any explanation is not very popular word. By the way, how can we explain the concept of “popular”? It has a Latin root word “Populus”, which means “the people.”
Popular – people. In everyday life, people’s speech the term “category” is not common. Explain it.
Category – a group of phenomena and knowledge sharing common characteristics. There are philosophical categories:
matter, motion, time, and so on. There are categories of household, such as household appliances. There is a social category, that is, the public, such as education and health. The health of society can be judged on the following parameters: fertility, mortality, morbidity, longevity. If the birth rate is high, mortality is low, members of the public rarely get sick and live a long time, we can say that the public good.
Person’s birth is a joy, death – sorrow. In the first case, the emotion is positive, the second negative. However, both the phenomenon to the public is necessary or inevitable, and we know that. But the birth and
death – is the extreme point. What lies in the space between them? Just health, the existence of his body and soul. The soul in Greek “psyche.” The ancients said: “In a healthy body, healthy mind.” It is difficult to argue. Well, judge for yourself: when a person has pain anywhere in the body, mood, it is not the best, and vice versa, physical health, a sense of courage and strength in most cases cause the condition, which is defined in two short words “soul singing”. However, it happens that the somatic, ie, physical, excellent condition, but the emotional, mental, leaves much to be desired, as something in the environment does not meet the needs of the individual. For example, a girl in excellent shape, but quarreled with her boyfriend interested. Well, a day or two this is acceptable, it is even useful in some cases, but if the row dragged and suffering alone deprive female appetite, desire to learn, needs to communicate with friends – it is a direct threat to health. Why? And because in the above figures, we can talk about the third stage of stress.

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