Lamborghini madness, off roading!

Lamborghini madness off roading!

Hedonism – philosophical direction, approving pleasure, enjoyment, as the highest and the main motive of human behavior.
Of course, if the purpose of life put just having fun, then so long to lose the human face. But if you enjoy the knowledge acquired, to tell the author, they will be absorbed better.
You, dear young colleague, looking at the table of contents, you can argue that concepts such as childhood infections, trauma, and AIDS, which was a place in this book, not have to hedonism, and, of course, will be partly right. Why only partially? Because favorite proverb Lao Zi “Tiger in a clearing not as dangerous as a tiger in the bushes,” works for us: it is possible to have fun, avoid disaster, if the time to know about the threat. Think of the joy you felt, if I can be under the roof of the house for a second before the rain hit by lightning streams to your new expensive dress of velvet and silk. It would seem a trifle – but nice. Such “trifles” is also included in the system of education and healthy life. Circumvent the dangers to avoid illness and unhappiness – it is also a joy.
If I convince you, then go ahead! Let us learn. If not convinced, still ahead, for tests and exams have not yet been canceled. But you at all times you pass them well, because, like all people, want to be happy, and happiness …
If it is difficult to continue – read first, and maybe you’re a little closer to difficult of concepts – Happiness.