Moto Art - Lamborghini

Moto Art – Lamborghini

We have already discussed two of the three main instincts of man and animals. However, the person can not just instinct. He has the mind and consciousness.
Thinking – a process of cognitive activity of the individual. Thinking is characterized by a synthesis and an indirect reflection of reality. The highest level of mental reflection and self-regulation, uniquely human, is called consciousness.
Thanks consciousness and thinking people can manage their own health. For example, take the medicine. Of course, the process control is not completely subject to the will of man, but some things people can do for themselves without drugs and medical devices. So, every girl wants to have beautiful skin, but some is not a diet, eat a lot of sweets, fats gross abuse – pork, lamb, beef. All of these foods trigger the appearance of the face DCA – youthful acne. Fight them harder than prevent the rise. Sometimes it is enough to include the mind and say to yourself: ‘I will not go there, I’m bad. ” And by doing this indication, consciously, to maintain their health. The same applies to bad habits, which will be discussed more below.
One kind of thinking is autistic thinking. It is associated with the departure from the reality of the inner experiences. Autistic thinking with a negative, unpleasant for human color can be harmful.