This process of social stratification on the basis of cultural and community can be traced through a series of Russian names: Finish and Gryaznova Bezrukov and Dobronravova, Goremykin Udaltsov and came from the same village. They had a common background macrosocial – serf Russia, the general ecology – a river, swamp, grove, loamy soil. But different microsocium that defined family life. In Finishing the floors were pushed into wet Coated broom and children fed by winter lime broth at Bezrukov cockroaches crawling at night in the ears and in the upper room smelled crib. Psychological climate microsocium defined psychological qualities of head of household. With the change of leadership could give way to family and family life.
In the second half of the twentieth century in Europe, America, Australia and many countries in Africa and Asia, there is a process of reorganization of the family. Now the family is in most cases consists of representatives of two generations – parents and children. In many countries, has a system for allocating the elderly in special communities, where the need of organized care. Families are small. The high birth rate is observed only in India, in some African countries. China is now introduced state birth control – one child in the family. For the second parents have to pay tax to the state. But in some European countries, by contrast, the birth of every child is welcomed by the state, the parents receive financial and social support. For example, in Denmark, in Belgium.
This tutorial is created in 1997. Russia is in transition, its economic, political and social system is unstable. A characteristic phenomenon is the stratification of society. Accordingly, the cross-section of different ideas about healthy living and health hierarchy.