The main thing you need to learn for themselves and for their future children: there can be no universal treatment for all. Rigid regime lead to stress. However, the temporary imbalance leads to aggression towards self or space.
For example, if children are not engaged in useful work, study or play, they can be aggressive towards others subjects – break them or become aggressive toward themselves. They appear bad habits, such as children from idleness start picking his nose to touch his genitals. Deprivation, neglect – one of the causes of childhood masturbation.
The regime accounting grid for pupils or students of preschool institutions, must pledge to each location a small reserve of spare time, based on those children who are in their psycho-physiological features of slow. However, the teacher must provide that “nimble” kids did not get bored during breaks. This is the case when
private art teacher works directly on the health of children. Now that we have developed the basic components that are essential to develop a healthy lifestyle, try to derive a definition of a healthy lifestyle.

The image of a person’s life can be considered healthy, if this person is actively exists in a favorable mental and physical space, not showing respect to their aggressiveness and space in dangerous ways.
Note the page is printed on the definition. Now it seems you difficult and obscure. When we finish the study of the subject, you will return to the definition and easily remember it by connecting the addition of mechanical memory of reflexivity.