"EVIL TWNS" - TwinTurbo Lamborghini Gallardo

“EVIL TWNS” – TwinTurbo Lamborghini Gallardo

An important part of the development of ideas about healthy eating – prevention of food poisoning infectious nature.
To wash fruits and vegetables, personal hygiene when eating, observe temperature storage of perishable goods child should learn at home. The task of the teacher to check whether the student has these skills sanitation. Do it the easiest way through the game. To this subject we shall return.
Try to form a concept of healthy eating:
1. Food should overlap energy of the body.
2. Food should be complete by the chemical composition and contain protein, fat, carbohydrates in the ratio 1:1:4, vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
3. Food must be chemically harmless and safe in terms of bacterial composition.
4. Food should like the person and cause a reflex secretion of gastric juice
5. Mode and menu must meet age and occupation.
6. Some of the food included in the daily diet should be at a temperature not lower than 65 degrees. This temperature promotes digestion and absorption of food.

Questions and tasks:

1. Give the environmental characteristics of the site of your studies.
2. Make a plan for talks on environmental issues with children five to eight years.
3. What is the law of 10%, as it can be used in a conversation with the children?
4. Describe the quality of the food.
5. State the concept of healthy eating.

Chapter 7. Consciousness and health. Movement and health.
Labor and health

You might be surprised, after reading the chapter name. In fact, why we have combined many concepts? After all, each of them can devote an entire book. Right! And these books are. They will help you delve into any of the selected topics. As for this chapter, here we just analyze – the extent to which our health depends on each of these events, where we can reduce the harmful effects and how best to use and more productive each of these phenomena for the benefit of their own health and the health of our loved ones . Including your future students and pupils.